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Developer Update : Grumman Traveler AA-5 v1.5 by vFlyteAir

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Developer Update : Grumman Traveler AA-5 v1.5 by vFlyteAir


vFlyteAir has updated their Grumman Traveler AA-5 to version 1.5





The new features include:

- brand new stereo-effect sounds! Recorded from an actual Grumman AA-5, the new sounds provide a stereoscopic dimension to the Traveler, providing a more immersive flying experience. Exterior sound effects are also improved with better distance-fading and Doppler effects.

- New “master volume” knob has been added to allow you to adjust the engine/cockpit sounds volume. NOTE: The “master volume” knob is the COM1 Radio volume knob. Air Traffic Control, weather and other sounds are still controlled via the X-Plane Settings menu.

- Two new liveries added! G-BBUE (Red/Blue scheme) and N356PV (Blue/Light Blue scheme).

- SASL Plug-In has been updated to the newest version.

- The Trim Indicator and Flaps Indicator labels on the panel surface are now illuminated so that the pilot can see the indicator positions at night The Traveler now defaults to the mixture being set at FULL LEAN on start-up. NOTE: Pilots must remember to set the mixture to RICH prior to starting the engine.

- Increased brightness of the instrument gauges for better readability at night. (yeah that was very dull)

- Flight controls (ailerons, elevator and rudder) adjusted to be less sensitive at higher speeds.


There has been a few bug fixes on the AA-5 as well in :


- Dome light now slaved to battery bus (was working with battery off)

- Fuel gauges now slaved to electrical bus (were working with battery off)

- Map Light lens no longer illuminates when map light is OFF

- Wheel Braking improved to be more effective-

- Fixed LIT textures on illuminated lights - some lights were "showing through" when instrument lights were turned off or when it was daylight

- Moved IDENT button manipulator to the small push-button located directly below IDENT lamp (was incorrectly located on top of IDENT red lamp)

- Starter sound fixed – was playing sound with battery OFF

- Fuel Pump switch and Pitot Heat switch now work correctly (click upper part for ON, click lower part for OFF) - Thanks to "FloB" for the squawk

- Cowl flaps settings are now automatically controlled by the ACF (X-Plane overrides keyboard control or joystick control of cowl flaps - the Traveler does not have cowl flaps


X-Plane Reviews liked the Grumman Traveler AA-5 immensely as it is coming in to Carenado style of quality and features...


Read our full review here (original release version) -


Yes! the Grumman American AA-5 Traveler v1.5 is now Available from the X-Plane.OrgShop : Grumman American AA-5 Traveler


Stephen Dutton


21st February 2014


copyright©2014 : X-Plane Reviews



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