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Scenery Preview : KDEN - Denver International Airport by Tom Curtis


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Scenery Preview : KDEN - Denver International Airport by Tom Curtis


It is no secret that Tom Curtis makes great scenery. His magnificent Golden Gate package should be part of every Xplane users scenery collection. It is also no secret that his next airport scenery (after KLAS) was going to be KDEN - Denver, USA.


Thanks to Tom. X-Plane Reviews have been able to do a few images of the new scenery to see what the new release will look like. Yes we are very impressed. As this DIA is very good.




First views of KDEN are excellent and so is the framerate as the airport is situated away from downtown Denver. So that means not a lot of default autogen to run and take over all of your render space.






3d modeling is excellent.






Tom Curtis announced that the KDEN scenery was going to be released very early in the new year 2014. So yes it is late. The reason was the autogates required a complete rework, all 90 of them, so that will give us something to look forward to. "90 autogates!" dream on boys, "there is now a gate for everyone".






United Hangars and workshops.






KDEN - Denver International Airport is coming very soon. And X-Plane Reviews will soon review the scenery and cover DIA in depth.


Stephen Dutton

31st January 2014


©copyright2014: X-Plane Reviews

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