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Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.3.3 by ToLiSS

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Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.3.3 by ToLiSS


ToLiSS has again done a small update to their Airbus A319-112 in only just over three months since the last one. This is just an incremental touchup and nothing really significant in major changes, but that is not to say this is not a good update.


A319_v1_3_3_Head 1.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Head 2.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Head 3.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Head 4.jpg


A319_v1_3_3_Head 5.jpg


A quick zoom from MMMX - Mexico City (my new, new) to KDFW - Dallas Fort Worth allowed me to checkout the details, as noted there is nothing here but nips and tucks and a lot is changed here to bring the aircraft up to the latest Airbus updates (remember that the ToLiss A319 is now an official product, so you get access to the current changes)


There is better APU GEN representation on the APU SD page and Delta ISA temperature information to SD permanent data; TAT and SAT on SD now depend on data source availability.


A319_v1_3_3_New 1.jpgA319_v1_3_3_New 2.jpg


ECAM flap indication has been set with the same adjustments on the ECAM F/CTL + HYD page to match latest standard which are all just small but significant adjustments like with the Yaw trim reset that now goes all the way to zero, even if you release the push button and use any MCDU key interactions it will now all delay to be a constant 300ms, a small detail is this but one that gives you a more realistic feel with your interaction with the A319.


A319_v1_3_3_New 3.jpgA319_v1_3_3_New 4.jpg


There had been added new background lighting to displays, FCU digits, RMP frequencies, clock and so on, and yes the displays do look better, more sharper than I remember and sharper text and highlights, but overall even with all the significant lighting changes this year, you feel the PBR is not still doing as good as it should... in other words it is still darkish in here.


A319_v1_3_3_New 5.jpgA319_v1_3_3_New 6.jpg


MattDesigns have redone the "Official" Airbus A310 livery, but there is more going on here than just a new livery. The detail is far, far more realistic and dirty than the sometimes almost cartoonish feel to the original liveries, the normals (the bumps, raised lines, grooves) by Chris Tantow are now also far more pronounced and detailed. so it is really the next gen of quality liveries for the aircraft. There are SmartCopilot improvements by MaxWaldorf as well.


A319_v1_3_3_Livery 1.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Livery 2.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Livery 3.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Livery 4.jpgA319_v1_3_3_Livery 5 LG.jpg


FMGS initialization is now possible in flight using the DIRTO (Direct To) and subsequently noted "New Destination" choices.


A319_v1_3_3_New 7.jpgA319_v1_3_3_New 8.jpg


There is also an Improved Autopilot ALT* law, Alternate Law with no auto trim, means that you have to trim airplane manually or mostly keep the stick with a slight pushback pressure on the side-stick all the time until reaching desired altitude.


ToLiSS has also added in Datarefs to set the door modes: AirbusFBW/PaxDoorModeArray and AirbusFBW/CargoDoorModeArray - 0: Closed, 1: Auto, 2: Open... I think this is for livery painters in setting the up the aircraft a certain way on loading, but anything that will switch off the auto as the default would certainly make me very happy.


Flaps have had adjustments for a more realistic extension or retraction, just a fine tune, and on a RWY only approach, the FMGS adds a CF point 5NM before the runway as it should.


A319_v1_3_3_New 9.jpgA319_v1_3_3_New 10.jpg


Flare law has reworked based on new information, but it sort of floated more than what I am used to on the A319? better or worse...  to be honest it caught me out, I will note that as a personal WIP, and a few more landings may prove the changes one way or the other? on landing you now get the maximum aileron deflection up when flaps/slats are fully extended.


A319_v1_3_3_New 11.jpgA319_v1_3_3_New 12.jpg


A319_v1_3_3_New 13.jpg


There is an improved landing gear ground contact noise... very nice it is, more so with the addon sound pack with more sounds for the spoiler lever, the brightness rheostats, avionics ventilation startup, electrical DC relays and the main engine sound volumes have all been reequalized. I personally really love now the inflight cruise hum, very realistic and makes routes far more pleasurable, and certainly a far cry from the earlier repetitive washing machine noises.



Another of the constant and quarterly updates from ToLiSS for their little Baby Bus the A319, all now of course Airbus official and a lot of the little changes here reflect the newly opened access to current Airbus standards.


Those adjustments to the standards are all fine details, but like with the delay to be a constant 300ms interaction it makes the aircraft even more highly realistic, a new Airbus A319 livery and new normals show the way to a new era in a better external design and view. Better sounds and reequalized master sounds again lift the even the basic sounds towards a more better aural satisfaction. The only quirk are the new flare adjustments, in that has it took away a little of that perfect control in flare, that is still out there for debate for me.


Yes it all just another nip and tuck, but over the year and already the changes for 2019 have been quite significant for this aircraft, smooth and sublime if you love Airbuses then this aircraft should be at your gate and ready to fly.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the ToLiSS319 (A319-122) v1.3.3 by ToLiSS is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

ToLiss A319


Price is US$69.00


Note make sure you have v1.3.3 when downloading, All previous purchasers can now update via your X-Plane.OrgStore Account


Both the LIbrain rain effects and Avitab pdf viewer plugins are required to use the new features.


Also available is the internal IAE Sound Pack that can be purchased here:

IAE Sound Pack for Toliss A319


Price is US$9.95

TSS IAE Sound Pack is activated by inserting the key activation code in the "ADDON" tab on the ToLiSS Interactive Simulation Control System panel


V1.3.3 Changlog





Update by Stephen Dutton

6th August 2019

Copyright©2019 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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