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NEWS! - Variant Release : Cessna 172 NG ANALOG by AirfoilLabs

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NEWS! - Variant Release : Cessna 172 NG ANALOG by AirfoilLabs


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After AirfoilLabs successful Garmin G1000 DIGITAL version of the venerable Cessna 172. Here is the Analog variant of the same aircraft. AirfoilLabs has highly detailed the differences between the two variants.


1. Aesthetic and Experience
The ANALOG C172 is a tribute to the golden age of aviation, showcasing beautifully crafted analog gauges. This simulation is not just a flight experience; it's a journey back through time. Every needle and every mechanical component has been meticulously modeled with an extraordinary level of detail, bringing the classic era to life. The animations are layered with realistic behaviors, capturing nuances such as vibrations and turbulence effects, adding to the authenticity of the experience. These features embody the charm and complexity of traditional aviation, making every session with the ANALOG C172 a step into a richly detailed and classic General Aviation experience. The DIGITAL version focuses on modernity with its G1000 avionics. A contemporary approach for modern simulation enthusiasts.
2. Customizable Avionics System
The ANALOG C172 takes customization to new heights with its innovative system that allows users to tailor the avionics components in the radio panel stack. This feature empowers users to place and configure their preferred instruments precisely as they desire, ensuring a personalized and satisfying flying experience. Adding to this customization capability, the inclusion of the RXP GTN750 stands out as a notable enhancement, providing users with advanced navigation and flight planning tools at their fingertips. This level of customization in the ANALOG C172 truly sets it apart, offering a deeply individualized and immersive simulation experience. 
C172 DIGITAL: Includes No Bezels Garmin Displays for a more technologically advanced experience.
3. System
The ANALOG C172 distinguishes itself with a uniquely designed electrical system. This system is not only different in its configuration compared to the DIGITAL version but also in the intricate details of switches and circuit breakers wiring. The electrical components and their state are displayed "live" in a 2D window. Additionally, it boasts a distinct lighting system that enhances the overall experience, adding to the authenticity and depth of the simulation. These refinements in the ANALOG C172's systems contribute significantly to its unique character and appeal.
4. Flight Model and Components Differences
While the ANALOG version of the C172 shares many flight model and performance characteristics with its Digital counterpart (the original C172 "S"), it stands apart in its intricate mechanical and electrical interconnected components. This differentiation extends beyond mere physical attributes, as we simulate a vast array of potential aircraft failures. The logic governing these failures in the ANALOG version is distinctively different from that in the Digital version. This variance not only adds depth to the simulation experience but also introduces a layer of complexity and realism, making the ANALOG C172 a unique and engaging choice.
5. Distinctive Interior Sound Design
The ANALOG version, while featuring the same engine and thus sharing identical engine sounds with its counterpart, distinguishes itself through the unique sounds of its interior components. This differentiation is most evident in the auditory experience of the avionics components, such as the switch sounds, gyro, fans, autopilot, and other internal systems. Each of these components produces its own distinct sound, contributing to a rich and immersive auditory environment that enhances the overall simulation experience. All these samples were recorded in the original aircraft. This attention to the nuanced sounds of each interior element adds a layer of realism and depth, making the ANALOG version a delight for those who appreciate the intricate symphony of aircraft interiors.
There are no comments on if there is a discount if you already own the DIGITAL variant of AirfoilLabs C172, it is not noted. But there is already a 10.00(17%) saving on the full price.

The best current General Aviation aircraft in the X-Plane Simulator...  it has to be right up there for the detail and features!


"The most successful aircraft in history the Cessna 172S is now rebuilt from scratch by Airfoillabs for X-Plane as New Generation Airfoillabs Product Series. You can expect unprecedented Study Level Simulation of C172S with Analog Avionics."


Designed by AirfoilLabs

Support forum for the C172 NG Analog

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The C172SP NG ANALOG by AirfoilLabs is NOW available here at the X-Plane.OrgStore



Price is US$59.95

Currently US$49.95...  You Save:US$10.00(17%)



X-Plane 12 (not for XP11)

Windows, Mac Intel, Mac Silicon, or Linux 
8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current version: 1.0 (November 17th 2023)



News by Stephen Dutton

20th November 2023

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