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NEWS! - HpH 304 S Shark 18 Meter Sailplane released by STMA

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NEWS! - HpH 304 S Shark 18 Meter Sailplane released by STMA


News! HpH Shark XP12_Header.jpg


STMA? know that one, but "haven't they been quiet for quite a time?". Shade Tree Micro Aviation are what you would call "oldtimers" in the lexicon of X-Plane Folklore. In fact their own explanation by STMA staff about the origin of “Shade Tree”. Jim indicated that the name reflected “our laid-back philosophy of creating models”. Todd Denning replied: It was because it started as an amateur effort like shade tree mechanics”.


So the gang are back, but the release is a Sailplane (glider), that is another shock, mostly STMA released Bush or Utility aircraft, so again a sailplane is a little odd, but we will go with that one.


The HPH 304S is a high-performance single-seated, flapped racing class sailplane. It is offered in a convertible wing configuration with long and short wingtip extensions allowing both 15- and 18-meter wingspans.


X-Plane 12 does have a very different and new thermal environment. And this STMA aircraft is fine-tuned into those finer behaviors.



  • Full 3D cockpit with ample room for functional growth as demand dictates.
  • GPS equipped for cross country tasks
  • Polar data and soaring references included for your best start in soaring experiences
  • Flap and Airfoil data modified for best negative flap experience
  • LX-styled Instrument package featuring both Imperial and metric data
  • MacCready number setting on the variometer for optimum energy management
  • Variometer and Speed to Fly modes toggle to provide airspeed guidance
  • Vario with both color and sound indicators provide instant energy gain/loss assessment
  • Configured correctly for both winch and aerial tow pulls
  • Ballast control from the STMA dock feature – load it or lose it from cockpit
  • Rain windscreen for when the clouds let go
  • Edge of envelope flight characteristics 
    • Accurate stall speeds for all configurations
    • 45-degree dives in full spoiler configuration without overspeed
    • Accurate approach and landing speeds


main gear down.jpgcomposite panels close up.jpgclose in speed brakes.jpgflap and speedbrake handles.jpgballast dump.jpg


The STMA guys are back, so check out the their latest (interesting) release.


Images courtesy of STMA



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the HpH 304 S Shark 18 Meter Sailplane by STMA is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here: 

HpH 304 S Shark 18 Meter Sailplane

Price is US$29.95 (currently on sale for US$22.95)



X-Plane 12 
Windows , Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum . 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended 
Current version : 12 (May 26th 2023)



News by Stephen Dutton

29th May 2023

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