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The Danger of nvidia drivers


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Hi everybody

I'm going to tell you a tale, a cautionary tale.

This story starts approx 3 weeks ago and it would seem it only applies to those who have a windows based os machine and a nVidia GFX card. So about three weeks ago being the good and stout fellow that I am I decide to update my nvidia gfx drivers, it's not something I normally do as I try to live by my own adage which is, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". But I was seduced by the dark side and thought what the heck what harm could it do.

So I dutifully entered the dark zone known as the nvidia Gforce experience, its all green and black and looks very harmless as it asks you what card you have. I clicked on the button and wonderous things began to happen without me having to do anything or enter anything or submit credit card details or anything.

I was liking the experience, it appeared that not only was it downloading drivers but even some new software to look at within the experience. Well I thought this is all rather nice and painless and as fast as you like the experience finished and all was done. It was late at night so off I went to bed safe in the knowledge that all was right with my PC and the nvidia gfx card had new drivers that promised me some type of Nirvana/Shangri la in the world of gfx.

I fired up xplane the next day and things didnt seem right, my fps had gone down a bit, and then whilst flying it went down even further. What the devil is happening. So Like any decent tech guru what did I do, iI went to look at my settings in Xplane. Nothing seemed changed. Back into xplane and the fps had gone down even further again. I must have changed something In the settings I'll look again. And so I did for most of the evening I fiddled and messed and still couldn't seem to get my fps back to normal.

I did a flight with a buddy of mine online, It was awful he kept getting away from me and we was supposed to be flying at roughly the same speed and mach number at one point he was a good couple of hundred miles a head of me. This is silly whats going on.

Two weeks later I had an epiphany! A eureka moment if you will.

I went into my control panel and found the nvidia performance application, not the gforce experience just the normal configuration tool. Everything relating to my xplane config was knocked out and reset to default. AHA, I had found the problem, it was all wrong it was as if xplane and the experience where fighting each other. With a few clicks here and there I had my xplane back to its normal 50/70 fps and the world was right again.

So the moral of the tale is .

If it ain't broke don't fix it and if you do a download make sure you go into the nvidia control panel and set everything to as it should be.

All the best

Blue Skies.


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