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NEWS! - X-Hangar updates the DHC4 C-7a Caribou to X-Plane 12

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NEWS! - X-Hangar updates the DHC4 C-7a Caribou to X-Plane 12


Caribou XP12 by X-Hangar.jpg


It's an odd looking critter of an aircraft, but one with amazing short field performance and clever STOL (ShortLanding and Takeoff) abilities. My connection with the aircraft was with the large numbers at my closest Australian RAAF Amberley airbase, so they were very frequent and active around our local skies, sadly the DHC-4 are now all retired, but there are still a few left around to look at, at airshows and in museums.


The de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou (designated by the United States military as the CV-2 and later C-7 Caribou) is a Canadian-designed and produced specialized cargo aircraft with short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability. The Caribou was first flown in 1958 and although mainly retired from military operations, is still in use in small numbers as a rugged "bush" aircraft.
The de Havilland Canada company's third STOL design was a big step up in size compared to its earlier DHC Beaver and DHC Otter, and was the first DHC design powered by two engines. The Caribou, however, was similar in concept in that it was designed as a rugged STOL utility aircraft. The Caribou was primarily a military tactical transport that in commercial service found itself a small niche in cargo hauling. The United States Army ordered 173 in 1959 and took delivery in 1961 under the designation AC-1, which was changed to CV-2 Caribou in 1962.


X-Hangar are converting their aircraft quickly to X-Plane 12, not a week goes by without another aircraft released. Here is the next aircraft released in the DHC4 C-7a Caribou.


Features here Include:

  • 3 flyable models: radar pod, no radar pod, and bare metal
  • Rain effect on windscreen and windows
  • Garmin 430 with pop up panel
  • Opening engine cowls
  • Opening cargo doors
  • Opening passenger doors
  • Sliding radio tray 
  • Detailed 3d engine and props
  • Many custom 3d gauges
  • Many liveries included
  • Pilot figures including pilot, co-pilot, and loadmaster
  • Custom sounds
  • Animated controls
  • Many detail parts
  • Checklist included
  • .pdf manual included that tells you how to fly and use the instrument panels
  • Night LIT textures included
  • Real pilot tested
  • Link to download a 450+ page beautiful, crisp, and clear real world pilot's manual





Version XP12 - February 20th 2023

new update features:
  • v11 rain limited to win vulcan only (plugin limitation)
  • new passengers that load with payload weight
  • new seats for passengers
  • new car for cariboub (loads with added payload weight. need near max weight to display)
  • the cargo bay now has a mixture of passengers and cargo intended to enhance the FSE experience
  • v12 rain effects
  • v12 better taxi and landing lights
  • v12 new payload system


New X-Hangar support forum

Images courtesy of X-Hangar



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the DHC4 C-7a Caribou by X-Hangar is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here : 


DHC4 C-7a Caribou

Price is US$22.95



X-Plane 11 fully updated 
Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum
Download Size: 472 Mb
Version XP12 - Feb 20th 2023



News by Stephen Dutton

21st February 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


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