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NEWS! - SimBrief updated by Navigraph

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NEWS! - SimBrief updated by Navigraph


The absolute horror of it...  they changed Simbrief!, it's almost a religion. Back on April 1st 2021 (note the April Fools Day reference), Navigraph acquired the free SimBrief virtual dispatch system.


SimBrief 2023 head.jpg


Created in 2013 by "Derek", this extraordinary free tool will create a full virtual flight planning service. It features detailed fuel calculations for over 120 aircraft types, an extensive route database, real-world weather forecasts, current NOTAMs and ETOPS planning. It also allows you to also download a generated flightplan to install the created route. For myself it is the data to program the aircraft's route (via waypoint) plus the correct SID and STAR procedures, and fuel, passenger and cargo loading calculations. It is a simply invaluable tool to any simulation user.


Notable was Navigraph's change to their own Navigraph Charts 8 application only last November 2022. It was a significant change to the design and layout to charts, but months in it is a certainly a revolution in the way we access data information and airport charts. I absolutely love the design, and the application is well worth the subscription.


So now Navigraph have overhauled SimBrief as well... when I heard that I was really not sure about the idea at all...


SimBrief 2023.jpg


Besides the fresh new clean look (very similar to Charts 8), and the changes include;

  • Improved Interface
  • Personal flying statistics
  • Dark mode and large text options
  • A larger and more convenient interactive flight map
  • Built-in airframes for popular third-party add-ons
  • Improved alternate airport filters and options
  • Easier sorting through saved flights and saved airframes
  • A new and improved user guide
  • ATC Flight Plan


Start dashboard is very different with noted "Latest Flightplan", Your last flightplans over 30 days, Aircraft Types (30 Days) and your Navigraph Subscription, current AIRAC Cycle.


SimBrief 2023 5.jpg


Yes the long form flightplan layout has now gone, with the Map/Route separated in to a new larger window panel, again it is all very Charts 8 in feel.


SimBrief 2023 2.jpgSimBrief 2023 1.jpg


Dark mode is sensational, I'm also (very) happy the MAP has been moved out of the long form, and out of the way...   I had a problem with my Apple Mouse scrolling the zoom badly every time I went over it, it was a real distraction in repeatably zooming it back into context.


SimBrief 2023 6.jpgSimBrief 2023 7.jpg


New is the ATC Flightplan (I never saw this before?) and is printable (copy and paste), and the long form Briefing is still there, but not as widely set...


SimBrief 2023 ATC.jpgSimBrief 2023 10.jpg


Departure and Arrival Airport information is more detailed, which is also handy. Certainly the weather conditions, as also available in Charts 8.


SimBrief 2023 8.jpgSimBrief 2023 9.jpg


Certainly there is a new format now to navigate. As with Charts 8, you will soon workout the new layout, if hunting for the same information in a different context. But the flow here and navigation looks far more better...  only grip is that you can't adjust the "30 Day" period use to a longer period?


A brilliant tool made now even better by Navigraph, also a good deal is that the tool is free and can be used in a Browser, on a PC, Mac, IOS and Android...  can be found here; SimBrief Dispatch System


What is not to like!




News by Stephen Dutton

17th February 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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