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Aircraft Upgrade Review : Concorde FXP v3 by Colimata


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CONCORDE_FXP XP12 v3 - Header.jpg


Aircraft Upgrade Review : Concorde FXP v3 by Colimata


Significantly I finally did get around into creating a review of Colimata's impressive Concorde FXP in it's v2 guise last year in July 2020. You should really read that comprehensive review before reading this upgrade version, into getting an overall background and for the details of the aircraft and Colimata's features.


That review was done in obviously X-Plane 11, as X-Plane 12 was still a few more months away. But even then, even in not yet knowing what the effects of X-Plane 12 would have on the aircraft, I seriously felt at the time, that if any aircraft would shine in the new version of the X-Plane Simulator it would be this aircraft, why I don't know...  it was just a feeling.


So here is Concorde FXP in X-Plane 12. It is noted as v3, a new version for the X-Plane 12 version. So that means it is an UPGRADE, and a paid upgrade. The pain however to get this X-Plane 12 version is negligible, two cups of coffee or US$11. That cost covers all future X-Plane 12 updates and features. Considering X-Plane 12 is new out of the box and has now years to run, its a great deal, the new purchase price in X-Plane 12 is still the same at US$59.95 (but sales and deals are frequent, currently US$54.95)


It is a hard colour (white on white) to look good anywhere, but "hey", the iconic SST looks simply damn impressive in X-Plane 12.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 1.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 2.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 3.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 5.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 4.jpg


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 6.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 7.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 10.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 9.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 8.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 11.jpg


All the textures have been upgraded to X-Plane 12 quality, and even more detail has been added on to the fuselage, and the wings are not blank anymore as you get access panels and wing panels detailing...


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 12.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 13.jpg


...  that is the good news, the bad news is all your liveries don't work anymore as they have been upgraded to v3 or "fuselage_v200". There is a trick if your desperate in wanting them now and in not waiting for the painters in fixing them up... create the new folder (fuselage_v200) and move the old paint files over, you don't get the new details, but it works. 


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 14.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_head 15.jpg


Internally it is "oh WOW"...  To a point this was what I was expecting the X-Plane 12 version to be like, even then it "Blows your mind"...


...  the light earlier greyness has been replaced by a dark shadow hue, realistic, yes you bet, how realistic? Brilliantly.


  CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal 1.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal 2.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal 3.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal 4.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal 5.jpg


The cockpit is absolutely impressive in the daylight, but let the light go darker and it becomes a "Wonderland"...


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 1.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 9.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 2.jpg

CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 3.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 4.jpg


It does look very, very good, if you control the lighting. Too much, is too much brightness. Again I don't feel that a 70's aircraft would use this tone of light in here, that said it is very nice...  So with so much adjustment (12 knobs) it can keep you happy for hours playing with it all, from full cockpit brightness to the low dim approach lighting. There is a noted 1000+ lights in here, and I don't doubt that number.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 5.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 6.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 7.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 8.jpg


Cabin is also still too bright, but it looks far, far better in the quality detail of X-Plane 12. The cabin and seats look far more realistic, if now great, just a shame you can't adjust the cabin lighting a touch lower.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 10.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Internal Night 11.jpg


I didn't like the external lighting on the XP11 Concorde, it 's just as bright here as well, in being well over saturated (Navigation and tail lighting is however okay). In the daylight it is quite nice, but overall I think some adjustment would really help with the realistic/realism effect.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_External Night 1.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_External Night 2.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_External Night 3.jpg


A lot of people (including me) didn't like the set, large GUI (Menu). It covered a lot of the screen and hid the very things you were trying to adjust? The Menu GUI has been revised in v3 for X-Plane 12, with now being scalable in size. Also the GUI can now also be used in a (Separate) window, even on another computer... handy.




Other GUI changes include; A redo of the Flight Planning page, and the shown selected flightplan. There is also the addition of MIN, HALF and MAX (Fuel) selections, This way it is possible to quickly set up the airplane for short, medium and long range trips, even without the use of the Fuel Manager.




Fuel Management page has been overhauled for easier use? sort of, as Concorde is very hard to balance correctly.




Flying the XP12 Concorde

Same aircraft, same route...   but 6 months on and it feels totally different. I'm again going to New York (JFK) from Heathrow  (LHR), this time however in X-Plane 12, and in a Final not a Beta X-Plane (well Beta v1.01b).




Heathrow, London is not the prettiest place to be on a cold January morning, but it feels very authentic. If you look at the same images from six months ago, it feels years ago, not months in the differences...  gigantic.


Pushback (BetterPushBack), and it feels all very photographic...  I'm not going to bore you with details here, all was covered in the comprehensive earlier review...  this is an update review in focusing on what is new. What is the most striking though is that X-Plane 12 lighting and quality, it is quite sensational.




A very busy Heathrow...




And the Classic view...  powered and ready for takeoff.




All though you have all the X-Plane features, including the rain effects (at Mach 2?) anyway they work well at the lower speeds.


The biggest factor is the changes to the basic X-Plane aerodynamics, or primarily to the delta wing dynamics that the X-Plane/Laminar Research head guru Austin Meyer has done. This aspect is very significant... in Austin speak,


"Here is what is so amazing about this: For traditional wings like X-Plane has always simulated, air never comes up over the leading edge!Instead, at the stalling angle of attack, the air separates from the top, loses suction, and the wing stalls! And all of this is carefully orchestrated based on the AIRFOIL, or CROSS-SECTION SHAPE, of the wing!So X-Plane has always used the airfoil cross-section, corrected for the plan-form, or top-down shape of the wing, as classical wing theory calls for.

But now, with a delta wing, the cross-section of the wing hardly matters! Now what matters is the plan-form, or top-down shape, of the wing! That’s what lets the air roll up over that highly-swept leading edge to form the huge hurricane over the wing that SUUUUUUUCKS the wing up… and never stalls!

And X-Plane now used this classical wing theory based on the AIRFOIL CROSS SECTION for non-delta wings, vortex-generation based on the PLAN-FORM of the wing for delta wings, and even interpolate smoothly between them for partially-delta shapes, consider both the airfoil cross-section, and the delta plan-form, for a real three-dimensional understanding of the wing."


In other words, the Delta wing dynamics in X-Plane 12 are completely different, and Colimata has adjusted the X-Plane 12 v3 Concorde to the new dynamics, so any X-Plane 11 or earlier Concorde aircraft won't work with as well, or as realistically as the X-Plane 12 versions does.


Don't take them (the dynamics) as for currently granted...  there will be changes, not only from X-Plane 12, but from Colimata as well, there will be more fine tuning to get the aircraft to the same stable situation as it was in X-Plane 11.


First there is the glow from the engines as you push up the throttles to the T/O position, then the full afterburner as it kicks in...  you move slowly at first, but then the punch pushes you towards v1, then v2 (+10)


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 0.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 1.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 2.jpg


Then you rotate the aircraft, and power yourself into the air. Concorde can use a higher 20º pitch on climb-out.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 3.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 4.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 5.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Takeoff 6.jpg


Because of the amount of precipitation around Heathrow in winter January, the delta wings throw off a lot of condensation effects, very realistic to real images of Concorde in the same takeoff phase as well.




Sub-sonic and Concorde looks exceptional. I am not going to suger-coat it, as the Concorde is a difficult aircraft to fly, yes even challenging. You will have to practise, study and learn the machine.


Flight profiles, checklists and even extensive personal notes are required, Colimata however does give you a lot of short-cuts, like fuel balance and set-ups. And the rewards are immense of course, but don't expect to rock up and just fly Concorde, mostly you will always end up in a field with a broken aircraft. But you will need to seriously commit to the aircraft to get the very best simulation out of it...  It is a commitment aircraft.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 1.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 2.jpg


There is a lot of feedback of the status of the aircraft, including; STATUS, FUEL, ENGINES and CENTER of GRAVITY (CoG), check the systems before you climb Supersonic. Time to raise the visor!


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 4.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 6.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 5.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 3.jpg


Going up to that rarified air of where only a few can go...  58,000ft and Mach 2.02!


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 7.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 8.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 9.jpg


But you can now go there with X-Plane 12...  It looks and feels magnificent.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 10.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 11.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 13.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 14.jpg


Sounds are really good, but not different to the earlier v2, the roar (on takeoff) is sensational, but the Supersonic hum is very real as well, overall there are loads and loads of sound effects, all in different sound spaces. But the biggest feature is the excellent audio advice from Copilot, Engineer, and Pilot, all in a sprightly English accent, it is all very cool, but not intrusive. Highly recommended is the RK Apps XPRealistic v2 plugin for realistic movement effects with this aircraft... it makes going though the Sound Barrier a whole new experience.


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 12.jpg


But I will note that currently the X-Plane 12 weather model is not quite perfected yet? Heavy winds do affect the aircraft and quite substantially...  climbing up to FL580, and getting a forward speed into the MACH are both difficult with a 150+ knt headwind. So you may have to take manual control to achieve both aspects. Even then I felt effects on the aircraft in the manual settings, that the characteristics I didn't have in the earlier X-Plane 11 flights are obviously here in X-Plane 12. Even in level flight you are tossing and turning like in a dingy...   Hopefully this aspect will be fixed soon. 


CONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 15.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 16.jpgCONCORDE_FXP - XP12_Supersonic 17.jpg


At DOVEY it is time to descend, 3,000fpm, at 350 kts (AT1 off), and you are already losing speed and height...  soon you are back in the Sub-Sonic realm, but at 30,000ft and 350 knts, even here Concorde is still very fast.




PARCH 3 KJFK Arrival, and you now descend to 10,000ft. and down comes the visor, just a normal Sub-Sonic aircraft...  not.




I have practised this JFK...  Runway 4L approach about twenty times in Colimata's Concorde, its still tricky and it certainly tests your skills...




...  first into the circuit, then 230 knts, 90º downward, drop gear and visor to 12.5º, another 90º to final approach...




Align to RWY 04L, then VOR-LOC, then when in the cone GLIDE, speed to 200 kts... (Note AUTOLAND is still not active...  damn), once in the beams then you lower the speed to 180 knts, fast, maybe too fast, the aim is for 160 knts! (stall is 125 knts)...  a trick is AT1 disconnect at 1000ft, then take manual thrust control down to the runway.




...  note the X-Plane 12 rain (old Librain) works well on the main front and side windows, nice to have it back...  over the threshold (okay a bit high!), and let Concorde sink nicely...




...   and it's gear down! The approach phase procedures do stay the same, but you do feel the different X-Plane 12 delta wing dynamics at work, it will take a few practise landings to get the landing feel correct as there is more resistance now, certainly I will do this again a few times to get it right (nail it!).




I'm not going to hide the fact you need to practice with Concorde, do it, do it again until it comes to you, it's a tricky aircraft to skill up to....  but the rewards are quite sensational when you get it all right.




So flying the Concorde in X-Plane 12 does require an adjustment in your thinking, and to have your skills to adapt to the aircraft. And again I will stress again and I also feel there is still a more fine tuning to come from both X-Plane 12 and from Colimata to get both to a more refined position.



Here is the upgrade to X-Plane 12 and giving Colimata's Concorde a v3 moniker. A paid upgrade, but only US$11, so certainly not a deal breaker for what you get in the v3 package.


One of the biggest simulations you can achieve in X-Plane is going Supersonic, twice the speed of sound, and that is what this aircraft is all about, flying outside of the usual Sub-Sonic parameters. So yes the Concode is a challenging Simulator, probably only for the skilled and Pro's out there, but if you still want to fly the Concorde then so you will have to study it and practise it's dark arts, obviously the rewards are very high. Make no mistake though, the Concorde is an investment in time, and with this v3 upgrade you get a lot of time to enjoy all the updates and the newer features of the newly born X-Plane 12, so your getting in early.


The v3 Upgrade is excellent, look at the images and see how extraordinary the aircraft looks and feels in X-Plane 12, externally beautiful, inside in that complex cockpit, incredible, it just "Blows your mind".


The textures have been redone, and even more detail added in while doing so. Liveries now don't work, but a folder change can bring them back again, but you still loose the newer wing detail. The lighting is glorious with a 1000+ lights in the cockpit, but the external lighting is still far to unrefined for me, ditto the cabin lighting, too bright with no adjustment...  but the cabin however does look far better.


Extensive Menu has had attention, in that now you can scale the menu and use it in a (separate) window, Flight Planning pages have been given three (quick fuel) options, redone Flight Planning page gives you better route options and saves, Fuel Management page has also been overhauled for easier use.


The aircraft's aerodynamics, or primarily to the delta wing dynamics have been upgraded to match the newer dynamics in X-Plane 12, it gives the aircraft a different feel and handling characteristics that you need to dial into, as I noted though-out the review with X-Plane 12 and Concorde, they are both not completely refined yet, separated or together, and in areas it shows here.


I don't have a lot of negatives here, but the lighting would be better in being more refined, internal cabin and external landing and taxi lights... but if for wanting one new feature...  it would be a "Save" feature a'la ToLiSS, it is pretty draining, even frustrating in resetting everything from scratch, each time to fly or for training, practise. there are 12 knobs alone for the lighting, then ages to set the aircraft up ready for flight, do that 10 or 12 times a day, and it gets very frustrating and even boring...  Situation and Replays freeze (badly) as well, only the flown Replay works, but you don't get all of the instruments back...  small things but very important if you want to get the best experience out of the simulation.


X-Plane 12 promises amazing Simulation, Concorde is also an amazing aircraft alone...  together they are incredible, and to a point a pointer to the future of X-Plane 12 Simulation, all together they are an experience you won't forget.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Concorde FXP version 3 X-Plane 12 by Colimata is AVAILABLE from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Concorde FXP version 3 X-Plane 12

Price is US$54.95 (Currently on sale from US$49.95 or 5% OFF)



X-Plane 12  (not XP11 compatible)
Windows, Mac and Linux

4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 600 MB
Current version:  (January 4th 2023)
(If you own Concorde v1 or v2, this version will automatically discounted, no coupons required)
Designed by Colimata
Support forum for the Concorde FXP
Additional Liveries for the Concorde



Upgrade Review by Stephen Dutton

9th January 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved

Review System Specifications: 

Computer System: Windows  - IS1700 Core i7 12700K 12 Core 3.60 GHz CPU / 64bit -32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1TB SSD 

Software:   - Windows 11 - X-Plane v12.01b  (note this review was done in the beta revision period)

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick, Throttle & Rudder Pedals : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Traffic GlobalJustFlight-Traffic (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$52.99 : Global SFD plugin US$30.00 : RK Apps XPRealistic v2 - US$34.99

Scenery or Aircraft

EGLL - Airport London-Heathrow by TaiModels (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$28.00

- KJFK - New York Airports XP v2 Volume 1 by Drzewiecki (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$24.00


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