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Scenery Review : EFTP - Tampere by TruScenery

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Tampere is a small international airport in the South-West of Finland. It is Finland's third largest airport.


post-4-0-07816800-1375283079_thumb.jpg post-4-0-89589100-1375283985_thumb.jpg


EFTP Tampere is designed by TruScenery, a Finish team focused on local airports. It is the 3rd airport they have produced after EFHF Helsinki and EFHV Hyvinkaa.

It is also the most accomplished and detailed of the three.


Price: $26.90

Available at the X-Plane.org Store:  EFTP - Tampere

Download size: 610Mb


The installation is straight forward...just place the folders in your /custom scenery.


The package includes 2 folders:

  • Truscenery - EFTP Mesh
  • Truscenery - EFTP Airport v1.2

The Mesh folder is provided courtesy of AlpilotX, one of LR's scenery developers. His improved Mesh provides a much higher and more accurate resolution than the default X-Plane version.

This means that even when you are flying outside of the Tampere Airport, you will see an improved scenery on the ground. The updated Mesh covers 1 degree or about 4900 square miles.


All objects in this airport have an amazing amount of detail.


Tampere Airport:



Arrival Terminal:                                                                      Main Aircraft terminal:


The airport features:  Photographic textures, custom objects, high quality trees, etc ...


A good example of the quality is to look at the detail of this building:




The stairs look stunning!  and this is Tampere Gate 3


The Tampere airport is perfect for a short flight. It is an international airport but it has the look and feel of a regional airport. International flights are covered by companies like RyanAir or Finnair so they use small airliners.


Ground Traffic.

Version 1.2 (current version) adds Ground traffic(by Marginal) to the airport. This brings the airport to life. Animated vehicles include cars in the parking lots and terminal, baggage trucks,etc .


Animated truck:



Surrounding trees:


Tampere Airport includes high quality trees that you will see around the airport:



Night lighting:

If you like to fly at night you will enjoy the night effects:




System requirements and frame rate

EFTP Tampere did not incur any slow down on my system. My frame rate stayed over 55fps at extreme resolution.

It requires X-plane 10 and works on Mac, Linux and PC.

But you will need a good video card. I have a GTX 670 with 2Gb


At a resolution of 1600x1050, extreme resolution, the VRAM used was 1.5Gb

At a resolution of 1600x1050, very high reolution, the VRAM used was 580Mb




 I give the EFTP a 10 out of 10.

This airport gives you a realistic feel, no matter where you are.


Few of us have ever flown Finland. However, this airport is an excuse to do so no matter where you live.  Tampere is one of the best custom airport I have seen for X-Plane so far, if not the best.


Thanks to TruScenery we have cleared up any doubts some people have had about X-Plane not being able to provide top-of-the-line scenery.


This scenery package is a must-have.



More screenshots:



X Plane reviews logo 200px.jpg


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