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  2. just one correction MM-69231 is not from Mexico it is actually from Italy operated by Esercito Italiano
  3. xEnviro misses out on a very significant aspect i.e. high altitude clouds during a thunderstorm. At high altitudes, I only see a pixelated watery layer (i don't even know what that layer is trying to represent) instead of towering cumulus/ cumulonimbus that i would expect. I don't know why this fact doesn't get stressed enough. Think before putting in your $70. It's way better than default weather but not a complete solution.
  4. Does not work on vulcan, only openGL ? Tried running on vulcan and it starts flickering on the monitors ND, Flt. directors, Attitude indicators,& FMC ?..THKS..
  5. NEWS! - In Beta... First look Felis Boeing 747-200B Classic! This is a brief and first look of the coming Felis Boeing 747-200B Classic that has now started it's beta development phase. Note the aircraft depicted here is a Beta version, things and items can be changed or revised on release, as this post is just an overview of the aircraft in the current beta phase state. The initial surprise is that the aircraft here is that it is an American? Felis Aircraft are usually Russian in context, like his last release of the Tu-154M and AN-24, Yak 40. But there i
  6. NEWS! - Aircraft Announcement : FlyJSim Q4XP (Dash Q400) Coming Soon! FlyJsim have announced that their second total revision of the De Havilland Canada (DHC) DHC-8 Q400 series is on final for release. Their first Q400 for the X-Plane Simulator, now renamed the Q400 Legacy, was finalised over two years ago.. this the complete revisualization of the aircraft called the Q4XP is a masterwork in the wanting for regional propeller aircraft. Make no doubt, we expect a lot from this new development, but I am very sure that FlyJSim can deliver on it's promises... the hi
  7. Last week
  8. NEWS! - Aircraft Update : X-Crafts updates the E175 and E195 to v2.5 X-Crafts have updated their E-Jets in the E175 and larger E195 to v2.5. The main focus of this update is on Performance optimization, and for users with lower-end machines that are most likely here to notice a performance increase. These two aircraft should not to be confused with the upcoming E-Jet Family aircraft that are now in development at X-Crafts. X-Crafts also note this v2.5 will be the final concluded update for these aircraft in the foreseeable future, to concentrate on the all
  9. NEWS! - Aircraft Release : Legendary Ford Tri-Motor Model 4-AT by Ted Cook One of the true first pioneers of passenger aviation was actually built by a car company, it is the legendary Ford Tri-Motor Model 4-AT. Ford Trimotor (also called the "Tri-Motor", and nicknamed the "Tin Goose") it is an American three-engined transport aircraft. Production started in 1925 by the companies of Henry Ford and ended on June 7, 1933. A total of 199 Ford Trimotors were made. It was designed for the civil aviation market, but also saw service with military units. The 4-AT is the small
  10. Visually, it's a beauty but the lack of detailed how to instructions is a deterrent for me. When they amplify their manual, I'll take another look.
  11. NEWS! - Scenery Releases : Boundless releases EGPB Cotswold - EGHH Bournemouth - EGNV - Teesside Airports For regional airports around the United Kingdom, then now available at the X-Plane.OrgStore there is the choice of three new locations by Boundlesss Simulations. EGNV - Teesside Airport Located in the North East of England, Teesside is an important hub for the area. Airlines including KLM, Loganair, TUI, Eastern and Ryanair fly a range of domestic and international routes from the airport. As well as the standard airline traffic, Teesside is also a
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  13. Great review and I have already secured the latest version...BUT I have a twin CPU set up as per XP Master/Slave set up. Unless I've not configured it correctly.. this app does not work in this config. I.e. yes sound works from the master...but shaking turning etc does not replicate on slave (that is set for External Views). I would have expected this to work..... Can this be confirmed ? Cheers Nik
  14. This software no longer runs on Mac since the update to iOS 11.4. The clickable features have been disabled, including grabbing and putting the magneto key into the keyhole.
  15. Classic Aircraft Review : Let L-200D Morava by PWDT&NHAdrian Lots of time you wander around an airfield or museum and you see an aircraft... It sorta looks familiar, but at the same time it doesn't look like anything you know about all the certain types of aircraft, it is an oddity and In most cases it is usually an Eastern-Bloc or Russian in design. The Ruskies had looked at a western aircraft design, took the basics and then built it into their own design paradigm. So the design looks the same but in reality it is a copy of the real thing. Some Eastern-Bloc designers take an
  16. I believe that users should talk to the very available developers before shouting to the masses... I am very sure they will address your concerns, sometimes it is not the product that is the problem...
  17. NEWS! - Aircraft Release : Let L-200D Morava by Pannon Wings Design Team (PWDT) and NH Adrian Let, sounds Eastern Bloc doesn't it, and it is. Aircraft Industries, a.s., operating as LET, n.p., is a Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) civil aircraft manufacturer and its most successful design has been the L-410 Turbolet. Formally LET initially built gliders, but moved into full aircraft production with the LET Aero Ae-45, a teardrop shaped machine that sold very well. Now released is the LET L-200D Morava, which was produced between 1957 and 1963, it was a two-eng
  18. I believe people (on or in) these forums and social media are promoting (Aircraft's, etc, etc.) for personal gain. I believe, (my guess)....about 10% are giving true assessments of these products. I believe social media started out with people being (honest). I believe its turning into cooperate media. (lie after lie.)
  19. NEWS! - Scenery Release : KLGA – La Guardia International Airport 2023 by FeelThere La Gardia airport, New York is one of the most iconic airports in the world, it is also the most dangerous with it's complex approaches and short runways. But overall it was really an old airport, a 1940's 50s design in a modern world (it was originally opened in October 15, 1939), as the issues of totally outdated facilities required a change on a massive scale. So the New York Port Authority finally decided to do a full redesign of La Gardia for the 2020's, and that meant
  20. I'm guessing the price tag will be more inline with the likes of HotStart. Their TBM is $65.00. So i figure this aircraft will be arount $70.00. As long as it has simular systems depth and a nice flight model i can accept up to 70. Heck look at what Justflight put out with their 146 with a stock L&R FMC junk. They be charging over $80 bucks for that bird. Not knocking it though. Other than the fmc totally worth it. This still a cheaper hobby than boating or motorcycling LOL. Dave.
  21. Scenery Review : LTFM - Airport Istanbul XP by Aerosoft To understand the importance and the major relocation of Istanbul's major airport from the former Atatürk Airport to the newer mega airport at Arnavutköy, is to look at not only the major updating of the facilities and the use of the more airport and runway space than with the overcrowded older ISL. As the new development is much more in a strategic positioning and a significant major change of the world's routing to capture a bigger, if not the biggest world passenger traveling market. East to West and vice-versa and to ultim
  22. Scenery Released : LDZA - Airport Zagreb XP by Aerosoft Under the Aerosoft banner, Stairport Sceneries have released Airport Zagreb XP. Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport is an international airport serving Zagreb, Croatia. It is the largest and busiest airport in Croatia. In 2019, it handled 3.45 million passengers and some 13,000 tons of cargo. It has already been a busy year for Stairport, with already both the Split and Airport Istanbul airports of which have already been released for the X-Plane Simulator, and here is the third in Zagreb. Stairport Sceneries
  23. Replay sorta works, the water can be dropped over the fires, but separately from the replay.... just make sure you have a load of water on board.
  24. Aircraft Review : PAC CT/4E Airtrainer Project by VSkyLabs Armed services around the world when revitalising their fleets, usually do what they call "Off the shelf" purchases, or take an aircraft already built, and then reconfigure the aircraft to suit their services requirements, it is supposedly to save you money, buy an already produced aircraft and not pay the development costs... but it never really seems to work out that way, and so they usually end up with a far more expensive result. Sometimes you also may need an even more specialist configuration to the aircr
  25. NEWS! - New Images : Aerobask shows off more images of the Falcon 8X Teasers are the name of the game lately, keep you wanting... but still waiting. It is Aerobask's turn this time with new images of their ongoing development of the Dassault Falcon 8X, the long range version of the successful Falcon 7X. The aircraft is being developed with Dassault Aviation as a partner (or authorised in partnership with Dassualt) to create the most authentic Private Jet yet. Details continue to filter out, but again there is no release date or even any idea of a release of
  26. Thanks for the great review, I am Joe from JRX and have only just seen this a year or so after release!
  27. It's a very interesting helicopter, especially as a firefighter who has been involved in a lot of forest fires in real life, and it's a lot of fun to experience a UH-1 civilian fire in the game. We only have mi-171 and kalmov helicopters in our country. Playing the UH-1 was a pleasure, especially in VR. It feels real. I have a suggestion. Can I see water fetching and fire fighting in playback mode? This feature can't be seen in playback, and I can't see what I've done before.
  28. Aircraft Preview : SSG shows new EJet modeling Rumors went around that SSG - Supercritical Simulations Group had abandoned their already announced EJet updates, plus the inclusion of an upcoming E2 195 as well... news to me and even to SSG themselves, so SSG have published some modellng renders to show that indeed they are still revising and updating their EJets. My guess it is in the confusion of last year 2020 the departure of AJ Borysewicz that had been one of the developers of the CRJ-700 with the core of SSG, but left the developer group to do the CRJ
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