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X-PlaneReviews : 4th Anniversary Competition!

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X-PlaneReviews : 4th Anniversary Competition!


X-PlaneReviews is four years old, but who is counting?  age is in the mind not the body right. But with all the seriousness around us we should celebrate a significant milestone and so we shall, by feeling great and giving lots of free stuff away. 


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


So thanks to the generosity of developers and the X-Plane.OrgStore we have a lot of very nice aircraft for you to win.


Five Winners can choose one aircraft from:


FlightFactor/VMax Boeing 777

FlightFactor/VMax Boeing 767

FlightFactor/VMax Boeing 757

FlightFactor  Airbus A350

FlyJSim Boeing 727


All aircraft are on offer in the competition and only for the month of August 2017 and CLOSES midnight 31st August 2017


So how do you win the prizes!


We want to know what you think is the best aircraft in X-Plane, but the aircraft must have been in a review that has been released by X-PlaneReviews.


So you have to refer to the review in X-PlaneReviews...   a link is worth more brownie points...   Example:




Aircraft Review - DC-3/C47 by VSkyLabs Flying Lab Project

Then give us 150 words on why you think it is the best aircraft in X-Plane and why it is worth the purchase.




Conditions for entry

Just insert your entry on only this page below to enter and sorry only one entry per user is allowed so make it count. No X-PlaneReview review connection will mean your entry is invalid for the competition.


The competition is only open to joined members of this X-PlaneReviews site, so you have to log in to enter.


X-PlaneReviews have the rights to republish the winners on this and other sites. Winners will be picked on detail and originality of their answers, and winners prizes are final and the prizes are supported with updates, but not upgrades. Winners are drawn 1st September 2017.


Do your best and enjoy, I am looking forward to seeing what your views are on X-Plane products.


Stephen Dutton

5th August 2017


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tinmug said:
The story of the twin, the sweaty palms and the forgotten hamburger.


She has been described as perfect, beyond compare. She can only be replaced by another which, no doubt, will want to take you a little left. Or perhaps right. Every one has her own way. This is as much about the twin as it is about the shapely perfection in between. About marking territory, then going off to find new horizons. It's about the incredible DC-3. And more specifically, the VSkyLabs DC-3, as so thoroughly outlined in the xplanereviews write-up right here.


Pilots are like quite simply like this. Seduce the practical J3 today, want the racy P51 tomorrow and yearn for the twin the day thereafter. It's in our blood. We want more. We want it all.


But this particular twin makes us sweat. Sweat and work at it like no other. Makes us focus on the task, eyes never straying from the intimate details. The mind is always trying to keep abreast with the twin's zesty streaks. A sense of fun, adventure, accomplishment all rolled into one noisy yet utterly memorable affair. Why this twin? Perfection is why. Like no other you are implicitly aware that you are kept aloft by those five shapely foils. The lightest touch provides a response, and not always what you had hoped for ... feisty. Never entirely predictable. Always striking, enthralling and bewitching.


Satisfy her needs and you walk away with a wry smile. And you'll be back, wanting more. To go further. A little better this time, more balance, more anticipation. The twin knows about the J3 and the P51, and she doesn't care because she knows you will have to be back. Why this twin, an not the other? The sweaty palms, her response to your touch, the aural sensation and perhaps the fact that when you first had your way with her every other gal was a hemisphere away. Whole days – weeks! – spent with her perfecting your touch, the never-ending endeavour to please her and enjoy the journey even more than the destination. Because she is unsurpassed.


And all that for the price of a hamburger.

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Aircraft Review - McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Pro v1.31 by Rotate


I'm going to leave most of the techno mumbo-jumbo to the professionals/experts, as in the expert who wrote the linked excellent write-up on the Mad Dog above in my post.


Flying the Mad Dog is like flying the real plane.  But let's not start with flying, lets start by dropping ourselves into the cockpit.  Your instant impression is that this plane is not like any Boeing, Air Bus or any of the other airliners out there. The Mad Dog is a hard looking, complicated array of instruments, switches and controls that look like it's from another planet. In reality, it's definitely from another era, but still modern and sensible.  After delving into any of the supplied reading materials, YouTube vids (both by the Rotate and fan base, as well as from real pilots flying real MD80's!) you start to understand a little bit more what the differences are and, most importantly, what the difference in flight management, aerodynamics and handling has to offer.

The graphics are, to put it simply, astounding! The attention to detail is second to none and will, IMHO, blow you away if you haven't already been blown away by the whole plane itself by now. 

Systems are well built and the developers are constantly updating and adding more realism in every update. (talking about updates, how about that free update from X-plane 10 to Xplane-11? eh? Pretty cool if you ask me :) )  Same updating goes for their beautiful graphics. 

The FMS? Whew! Probably one of the best if you don't mind me saying.

Yes, The MD80 line ....IS DIFFERENT!  It's like learning to fly all over again.  But, if you're into learning to fly the real deal, and 'getting as real as it gets', learning this plane is worth every second you spend reading, watching and listening to people that are knowledgeable in the Mad Dog.

One person that is extremely in the know, is this MD80 pilot who was retiring and wanted to share his experience in flying this unique aircraft. In fact, he was the first bit of info I found before I went and purchased the Mad Dog. Kent Wein talks about how he Fell in Love with the Mad Dog in this YouTube video.


So, take the leap if you haven't, in fact, take the flight! The ROTATE MD88 is, in my opinion, the best built aircraft for X-Plane!  Did I miss anything? I'm sure I have, but it's now up to you to find out all the beauty and excellence this plane has to offer! So....That's my story, and I'm stick-in' to it!


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Aircraft Update : Airbus A320neo v3.0r1 by JARDesign


For me, an aircraft is considered realistic when you simply cannot help yourself but smile. With JARDesign’s Airbus A320neo, its realism does exactly that.


From the landing gear, to the cabin windows, I am astounded by JARDesign’s attention to detail throughout the entire aircraft. The A320 makes excellent use of X-Plane 11’s new features, such as the brilliant lighting in the cabin, as well as its reflections of lights on the wing as I taxi – It makes for particularly sensational night flying. The aircraft is a joy to fly too, as its admirable systems simulation and overall stability means nothing ever goes wrong. The optional BSS sound pack is unbeatable – I am seduced when I hear the roar of the engines at the back of the aircraft during take-off.


And thanks to X-PlaneReviews, I knew I had made an excellent choice from my first flight in the JARDesign Airbus A320.

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having grown up watching these beasts of the skies fly in and out of kord with United, Eastern and last with UPS, how could i not want this on x-plane 11.  a four engine classic that i had to have in my hangar.  Everything about this airplane is just awesome to look at.  from sitting at the gate with the beacon on to the in flight views, just a really well done aircraft.  The length can be concerning at times for a tail strike on rotation until you get used to it.  But this update to xp11 is a welcome update.  While i enjoy the fms system, sometimes you just want to fly for to for like the old days of flying.  


Classics like this are a welcome addition to xp11 and hope more are to come!

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My aircraft review: JRollon CRJ-200

Ever since I started using a CRJ-700 back in 2009 in X-Plane 9, the CRJ series has been my favorite series of regional aircraft. When I got X-Plane 11, without have been using a flight simulator for 8 years, I found out there was a payware version of the CRJ-200. I have wanted to get my hands on a copy of this study level aircraft. I got it was on sale for $30 or something like that. When I first started using it, I had no idea what I was doing. I read some manuals, and I am starting to get the hang of it. The JRollon CRJ-200 is a very challenging and fun aircraft to use. It has many liveries, including the Delta Connection livery and the Air France livery. There also some good liveries on x-plane.org, like the Northwest Airlink livery and the American Eagle livery. The aircraft also has very realistic sound effects. The aircraft still sounds good without the sound pack. The interior is also excellent. The cockpit is very realistic, and we can phase through the cockpit door just fine. The door to the cabin is good. You can adjust it to any angle you want. The cabin is also realistic. The cabin almost looks exactly like the cabin of a CRJ-200 that I flew on a few years back. I highly recommend this aircraft, because of it’s amazing interior and exterior. This aircraft flies very well.


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The FJS 732 - For pure unadulterated joy of Flying 

There are the big jets and there is the 737-200. This little Stubby Bird is, in my opinion, the best aircraft in X plane. You can automate and take on the role of 'pilot monitoring' in the other jets but you have to truly become an aviator and imbibe the spirit of flying the aircraft in this little gem. The 737 was the brainchild of two of the legendary engineers at Boeing, Jack Steiner and Joe Sutter. Jack's vision to use the 707 fuselage and share commonality of parts with the 727 and Joe's vision to keep the jet low to the ground for ease of maintenance and rapid turn-around for the airlines was a master-piece, the result was the first short-haul jet to have engines under the wings and hence the stubby bird's distinctive appearance. 

The FJS-732 was designed by another Jack-namely Jack Skieczius (aka the Flying Jackal) and his creation is as brilliant as the aircraft. You are greeted by authentic steam gauge instruments which you have to master to tailor the aircraft to your liking. There is not an iota of an FMS (none of the stupid LNAV and VNAV) and hence you have to fly VOR to VOR and as Stephen says, "throw an occasional NDB". You get the sense of communicating with the aircraft by easing the wonderfully modeled throttles, flap and speed brake levers. The aircraft itself, in the words of the Canadian Northern pilots who are still lucky enough to fly it, is probably the sweetest handling bird which keeps them on their toes for flying proficiency and Jack has captured the perfection of hand flying this machine.

Whenever I fly this beauty, she never fails to put a smile to my face! She gracefully responds to every control inputs and the Sperry 77 Autopilot is powerfully simple and elegant to operate. No wonder, the chief test pilots Lew Wallick and Argyle did not want the test flight to end!:lol: Kelly Johnson, the legendary developer of the SR -71 once remarked that for an aircraft to fly good, it has to look good and the WWII engineers at Grumman said that every aircraft had to follow KISS (Keep it Short and Simple). This Stubby Bird checks both the boxes. 

I Thank the developers for giving us this purely electro-mechanical wonder in this sterile digital era. 



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My aircraft review: Jardesign A320 Neo


First off all may i personally say a massive thank you for your excellent reviews the reviews you do are easy to understand easy to read and give a really great review and insight into the product in question so thank you from me to you for your input to the community.


I was a long time FSX user before i switched to XP11 and boy am i glad i did.  I was a big airbus fan in FSX with the aerosoft airbus bundle and was really looking for a great detailed and in-depth A320.  I spent many a hour googling reviews etc then came across your website and read your review fully and it helped me finally decide on the Jardesign A320.  I absolutely love the aircraft the level of detail is incredible even the small things really help you enjoy the flight more from the metar computer (something the aerosoft airbus does not do) to the simple and easy to use push back.  Every bit of thought as been put into the aircraft to make it as real as possible.  The choice of wing tips is great as well as the two engine types you can select.  Then there is the huge catalogue of free liveries available on the jardesign website to help enhance the fleet even more. The added feature of cabin crew announcements enhances the realism as does the co pilot who can assit you with the checklists from cold and dark right up to the landing.  The developers have really thought of everything with this aircraft where if the temperature is to hot or cold in the aircraft the crew will complain about it and you have to adjust the temperatures.  There is a really nice cabin view as well that lets you set up some amazing wing views to watch your flights from the passenger cabin.  Would i recommend the Jardesign A320 to people yes i would and would tell anyone out there who is thinking of getting it to go out there and get it as soon as you can.

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DC-3 / C-47 Vskylabs.
Despite some flaws, the plane is well made, flies perfectly. Possesses completeness. I contacted the author directly, having learned that the project is constantly developing, I decided to do something for the aircraft myself. Thus, a completely new visual perception was born, which was so lacking for this aircraft - panels and rivets. I know that there will be version 3.0 and with the author we have already agreed on my feasible help in working on the cockpit.
My name is Oleg Tronov and for me it's DC-3 / C-47 Vskylabs.



VSL DC-3_54.jpg

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The notorious MD-88 also know as the Maddog.They definitely called it this for a reason.From the fmc to the overhead,this plane is the most complicated modern plane that was made.I like to call it the Dirty Dog since how quickly you can dirty up the plane and slow it down.The md-88 was the last variant of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series. So whats so special about this plane for xp 10 and 11?Well it has amazing 4k textures and it was one of the few planes that actually received a free update to xp 11.So lets start with the textures. The plane has high quality textures every where you look.Their was plenty of time spent in the plane to make it look real and study level.If you look at the front of the nose or the apu exhaust for example you can see the amount of detail that has been added.From the wear and teat of the nose to the dirtiness of the exhaust pipe from the apu.The interior textures are even better all the paint coming of from the yoke makes is look like it has been used.Their is no competition that this is a beautiful looking plane. The model itself is fantastic. Even though in the begging their was some problems with the plane.Such as some knobs and switched not being usable at all,they fixed most if not all of the issues with the plane.The plane itself was actually difficult for some pilots to fly since some of the switches and knobs matched the same color of the back panel.Such as the fuel cut off valves.The fmc can be tricky to use if your not familiar with it.Such as the take off speeds. If you dont have the flaps extended and you have inserted the speeds the speeds will be incorrect if you extend the flaps afterwards.Thats why you have to extend the flaps then insert the speeds the fmc gave you.Their is no doubt that this plane is the most beautiful plane on the market.You will have no problem worrying that you made a mistake buying it.If you have problems with the plane they do call it the MadDog for a reason.

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